Yaw -- Degrees of Difference

Length: 85,000 words To excerpt...
Genre: Science Fiction Romance Ebooks & Romance Novels
Status: Available Home

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made different choices? Different decisions? Done this instead of that? Jo Winchester is about to find out exactly what life would have been like if only... Her brother, Morgan, in this current reality, is a retarded, gentle giant, but in another reality he's a gifted scientist, obsessed with finding again the only woman he has ever loved. He has learned how to cross from one reality to another, and finds Jo, who is dead in his world. Jo meets Jack, Morgan's partner, and coincidentally meets the Jack from her reality, but there are degrees of difference between the two. One man she learns to hate, the other Jack she will come to love, but first she will have to cross to another reality, and discover that knowing what might have happened if only you had another chance to do things differently doesn't automatically lead to happiness.

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