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Lucifer's Lover

Contemporary Romance

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5 Stars!

Ms. Cooper-Posey has done it again! "Lucifer's Lover" is an emotionally vested romance between two people who think they know what they want. Fact is they truly have no clue until fate forces them to face them to take a cold hard look at what's important.

Lyndsay and Luke are exceptionally drawn characters. Ms. Cooper-Posey is a master at creating characters a reader will truly care about. She's not afraid to create a lead character that's not "perfect" in every way. Both Lyndsay and Luke have their own share of emotional baggage that has gone a long way into forming the adults they've become. The conflict between Lyndsay and Luke is not only believable but also entertaining. As a result the reader is treated to a well-choreographed dance between two people looking for love, acceptance, and a happy ending. Ms. Cooper-Posey writes with heart and is a gift to the writing industry.

Kristi Ahlers, Amazon Top 500 reviewer

5 Stars!

LUCIFERíS LOVER had me breathless from the first page as I felt the sparks fly between Lindsay and Luke that would ultimately end in an undeniable love that would stand all their insecurities and fears. Tracy Cooper-Posey brings her reader a heart searching tale between two lovers who are forced to face the scars of their past as they succumb to the love that cannot be denied. You will not want to miss this tale that will have your crying with the characters as they face their hurt and rejoicing when they finally accept what their love has to offer.

Briana for Romance Junkies

5 Stars!

Luciferís Lover is a wonderful read. It was fun watching the two in their daily banter. The morning after when he meets her father at breakfast, that was an unforgettable scene. Ms. Cooper-Posey has written such a charming story about two people who are so in tune with each other but afraid to release what their hearts store. I could not help but fall in love with this well-written story and the characters on their path to self-discovery and the makings of a real family life. Ms. Cooper-Posey touches the heart and makes you feel everything, and that is why I rate it 5 cups.

Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

4 Stars

The ending is so real-life, the arguments, the words and actions draws the reader into the characters lives and you're left feeling as though youíve experienced the entire thing yourself. There are many powerful scenes as Luke and Lyndsay learn to open up their lives to one another. Ms. Cooper-Poseyís Luciferís Lover is a charming mix of humor and heat, such that I personally canít wait to pick up another of her novels.

Valeen, The Romance Readers Connection

4 Stars

"Lucifer's Lover is an obsessively enchanting tale of a battle of wills that turns into a life changing romance. With strong, well-defined characters and a storyline that reaches into your imagination, I relished reading Lucifer's Lover from start to finish. If you love your characters with a bit of gumption and a whole lot of personality then this is one you cannot pass up."

Sheryl for eCataromance

ďDevilishly entertaining! Wickedly wonderful! Almost too hot to pick up, but too good to put down.Ē

Victoria Dark, Author of Dangerous to Love

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Lucifer's Lover is Lindsay Eden, who is obsessed with achievement and determined to outshine the memory of her mother's illustrious career. Despite an alarming lack of people skills, she has managed to make it to the head of the marketing and public relations department of the exclusive Freeman Hotel, high up in the rarified mountain air of northern Washington. She might have got further faster, if it were not for her closest rival -- the charming newcomer, Lucifer Furey Pierse.

Luke spends most of his time talking about his wonderful New York, and a bewildering parade of eccentric relatives -- when he's not watching the clock and waiting for 5.00pm to shoot out the door. Yet he's still one of the best marketing men Lindsay has ever seen. No one knows much about him except that he could turn a murder into a side-splitting comedy routine. He also has an eye for women, including an inexplicable attraction for the prickly, definitely not-interested Lindsay.

Their rivalry erupts into a competition to win a highly elusive account. The stakes are high. If Luke wins, he gets a date with Lindsay. If Lindsay wins, Luke leaves town...forever.

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Author's note:

Lucifer's Lover first emerged in fragmented chapters and pieces, many years ago. I was always fascinated by the idea of two people who professed to hate each other slowly uncovering the truth; that they really love each other with a world-moving depth and devotion. But because the story starts out with two people snarling at each other -- two people who are not plastic perfection, who have strange quirks and odd lives -- there was never any way the big New York publishers would look past page two, let alone buy it.

However, the story kept tugging on me, until finally I shrugged, and finished it. I had a blast writing it, and Lucifer is certainly up at the top of the ranked list of my books. I just so grateful that Archebooks agreed with me that the story was, indeed, worth the ride.


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Casting the Movie...
I often get asked who I would cast in the movie of my book, if it should ever come to pass, so just for fun:

Movie producer's pitch:
Working Girl grows up and moves to the mountains.

Casting call:

Lyndsay: Keira Knightley

Luke: Colin Farrell

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Lucifer's Lover

"Devilishly entertaining! Wickedly wonderful! Almost too hot to pick up, but too good to put down."

Victoria Dark, Author of Dangerous to Love

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