Jewels of the Morrow

Mainstream Historical Romance Series

(With a twist)

Jewels of the Morrow is a projected series of eight books. Each book stands alone as a historical romance (except the last, which is a futuristic/contemporary/time travel crossover). Each, however, has a common thread running through it:

Each heroine is the ancestor of Allen, a 23rd century woman. Each woman carries common genetic markers: strength, spirit and resourcefulness, and a physical link: distinctive colored eyes -- peacock blue with black borders. Each of them must face the hazards of their time, fighting for survival, and discovering love along the way. Each book takes place approximately 300 to 400 years apart, dipping into the chaotic history of different times and peoples, when Allen’s ancestors draw upon their common genetic heritage: strength, newfound wisdom, and courage. Their bloodline mingles with new races, building to the time when their descendant can shine: Allen of the 23rd century, who may be the key to the future of all mankind....

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