The Duchess of WinterThe Duchess of Winter

(Book Seven in the "Jewels of the Morrow" series)

Length: 100,000 words To excerpt...
Genre: Historical Romance. Ebooks & Romance Novels
Status: Work in progress Home

In 1888, at 18, Lady Eleanore Rosemary Sommerville was the most sought after debutante of her season. Now, at 24, she is the widow of a Duke, and a cold, contained woman. She moves through London society, untouched by their excesses, protected by an invisible shield of ice that fools every one except Nicolás de Chávez y Diaz.

Nicolás is the son of one of Mexico?s most aristocratic families. His rank is unquestioned, until he arrives in England to find the man responsible for the suppression and murder of his people. In the rarefied atmosphere of English upper class society, Nicolás is a foreigner, and as such finds much in common with the beauty he calls Ella Rose. Nicolás must keep his heart locked away, however, or the nemesis he unleashed in Mexico will descend upon him and upon the woman that society has named The Duchess of Winter....

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