Chronicles of the Reluctant Agent

A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Length: 70,000 words To excerpt...
Genre: Historical Mystery. Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
Status: Final Editing Home

It is 1917 and the Great War has been raging for three long years. Mycroft Holmes grows suspicious of one of his agents that reports back to him from the heart of the Ottoman Empire: Constantinople. Naturally, he wants to send out a man to investigate -- one who knows the area, the language, the people, and has an exemplary war service record, including a fourteen month stint posing as a German officer at the High Command in Berlin. But Sherlock Holmes proves to be, for once, stubbornly reluctant to fulfill his older brother's request.

When Mycroft is shot and left for dead, Sherlock Holmes is forced to go to Constantinople to uncover the man behind the deed. Unfortunately, before he was assaulted, Mycroft failed to communicate which agent is the turncoat.

So begins Holmes' reluctant return to the middle East. Not only does the adventure provoke a bagful of memories both bitter and sweet, but the hunt for the agent who betrayed them unravels with twists and turns and breath-robbing surprises that even Holmes, with all his skills, could never have anticipated.

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