To Soothe the Savage...

(Book Two in the "Jewels of the Morrow" series)

Length: 100,000 words Excerpt unavailable
Genre: Historical Romance. Ebooks & Romance Novels
Status: Plotting Home

Set during the era of Roman Britain -- the time of Boadiccea. The heroine is Celtic, and her ancestor is Ellyria, the Macedonian who settled in Western Europe, 400 years before, although she doesn't know that, or anything else about her heritage. She was orphaned by the Romans at an early age. She spent her teenage years living off the land, dodging between the warring tribes and the might of the Roman invaders, until she was taken in by Boadiccea, the Queen of the Icenii, who admired the fierce feral girl's will to survive.

When Boadiccea rebels against the Roman legions invading her kingdom, the heroine clashes against the leader of the Romans, a cultured, creative warrior with music in his soul. Music that soothes the savage beast....

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