Innocence Dies...

(First book in the "Jewels of the Morrow" series)

Length: 100,000 words Excerpt unavailable
Genre: Historical Romance. Ebooks & Romance Novels
Status: Plotting Home

Set in the time of Alexander (356-323 BC)

The Celts visit Alexander early in his kingship, just after the razing of Thebes. One of the Celts falls in love with a Macedonian girl, Ellyria, the daughter of an aristocratic family close to the throne. Ellyria is a favorite -- she was a playmate of Alexander's before he acquired his tutor (Aristotle). She is young, they're in love, and the hero wants to take Ellyria back to western Europe with him. When Alexander hears rumors of the romance, he forbids it. He threatens that if Ellyria steals away with the hero, he will cancel his plans to defeat Persia, and follow her instead, leaving a swathe of destruction behind, all the way to the western coast....

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