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Chronicles of the Lost Years -- a Sherlock Holmes Adventure

ISBN 0-88801-241-1, Turnstone Press, September, 1999.

Sherlock Holmes Mystery/ Adventure.

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Where did Sherlock Holmes go, and what exactly did he do, during the three years (1891 to 1894) Watson believed him to be dead — between "The Adventure of the Final Solution" and Holmes’ resurrection in "The Empty House"? (The Great Hiatus)

Why did he travel where he did — an eclectic orbit of all the obscure locations known to the Empire? Was there a purpose behind the wanderings?

Why did Watson gradually withdraw from Holmes’ affairs, to the point where he could longer keep details consistent, and Holmes resorted to writing his own stories?

Why did Sherlock Holmes retire from public life? He retired in 1903, apparently without reason, to a secluded cottage on the Sussex Downs, virtually incommunicado, to study bees.

Why did he withdraw so abruptly?

An explanation of these and other inconsistencies, mysteries and inaccuracies found within the Sherlock Holmes collection of short stories and novels, and based upon the fictional characters and situations created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is given in The Chronicles are Closed — the book of Dr John Watson’s final and private narrative of the affairs of Sherlock Holmes.

Watson takes up his pen one last time to piece together the story from his collection of different perspectives over many years of observation and careful cross-checking and interviewing.

The answers come in the shape of a woman — Elizabeth Sigerson. Elizabeth is embroiled in Sherlock Holmes’ life at the time when Holmes is building his scheme to expose Moriarty. She is to remain a vital yet secret part of his life for the next thirteen years, as she not only shares Holmes’ journey around Asia, and his return to London, but helps him survive the dangers he meets along the way.

Watson carefully weaves Elizabeth’s story into the tale of Moriarty’s pursuit and confrontation with Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls (as described by Conan Doyle) and then continues on with the story of Holmes’ and Elizabeth’s cross-country flight from Colonel Moran, the late Moriarty’s lieutenant in crime.

The tale spreads across the next three years of travel, which Holmes himself described with deplorable brevity in "The Empty House": Two years in Tibet, living amongst nomadic Tibetans, and travelling under the name of Sigerson; then Persia, Mecca, Khartoum, and Montpelier in France. Finally, Holmes and Elizabeth return to London, where, with Watson’s connivance they settle into a secret hedonistic life together.

However, Moran has not finished with them yet....

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This book is now available from all good book stores. You can also order the book through, and via Turnstone Press.

Eyes of a Stranger

Now a bestseller!!!

(ISBN 1-58200-135-9). Hardshell Word Factory, August 1, 1999.

Emma Darcy Award winnner. Contemporary Romance.

Announced October: Eyes of a Stranger is No.7 on the new e-book romance bestseller list!


It was bad enough that Anastasia had kissed a complete stranger. Fate threw her a curve ball by making that stranger her fiancé’s best friend, David Morgan, and ensuring that her body orchestrated its own peculiar responses to him despite her best intentions.

What was worse was David’s outrageously blatant campaign to win her over. His technique could hardly be called seductive, so why was Anastasia beginning to find her tastes and preferences - her whole life, in fact - evolving into an endless series of sensuous lessons for her soul?

How could she fight a man who had brazenly declared to the world at large his intention to steal her away from her fiancé? And what did he plan to do with her if he did?

What one Amazon reader said about Eyes of a Stranger;

Five Stars!!

A reader from New Orleans, Louisiana , October 20, 2021

Definitely a keeper!

Not only is this a wonderful story with a deftly drawn cast of characters (without a single stereotype in the bunch!), its a beautifully written story.

Her descriptions are richly textured and delightful. The ending satisfied on every level.

I also finished her Sherlock Homes Chronicles of the Lost Years and will be watching for more from this vastly talented author. I just have to wonder where the print publishers were that let her get away from them. And I have to applaud the foresight of Hard Shell Word Factory in snapping her up. Don't let the electronic format stop you from this wonderful read.

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This book is now available at Hard Shell Word Factory, all Chapters stores, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (including the Rocket Book edition). Click here to go straight to the page for Eyes of a Stranger at Hard Shell Word Factory.

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