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I've written and published a great many articles over the years, and 
the vast majority of them are how-to's for writers. 

Below, I've linked to pages where the articles appear on the net, or to copies of the articles themselves. 

new! An End to Euphemisms: Is Erotica Right for You?
Pros and Cons of writing in the hot new romantic and erotic 
romance markets.
Published by

Getting the Science Right
The Medieval Period had Technological Advances, Too!
Published by Romance Ever After

An Historical Cheat Sheet
Arthur & the Dark Ages - Fifth & Sixth Century Britain
Published by All About Romance

Do You Have What It Takes to be an E-Author?
First appeared in Inklings newsletter

E-Publishing. Why Bother?
Published by Word Weaving.

Flexible Self-Marketing, Going Cheap
First published in Connecting Women

Finding the Best E-Publisher for Your Book
First published by Inkspot

Getting Ideas for Romances
First published in The Painted Rock magazine

Historical research... Aarrgghh!!
First published in Hearts Talk

Once Upon a Time
How to get time back once you've sold.
Bought, but never published.

Reaching your Goals.
Four mighty little tricks for making it.
Published by Word Weaving.

The Only Formula A Writer Needs
First published in West Write

The People You Meet!
Networking your way to experts.
First appeared at

The Top Six (Almost) Free Ways to Promote Your Book
First appeared in Inklings Newsletter

Writer's Tips
From the Banal to the Profoundly Beautiful
Published by Writers' Moon


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