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Plotting the Romance

If you stare at the page, wondering where to start ... 
or what to do with that tender, moving love scene you've just written...
if you can plot romances, but they seem pretty pathetic to you...
or you suffer from saggy middles... 
if you keep getting rejected because of that infamous 
flaw, "Lacking emotional intensity," ... 
if you're just sick of being rejected.

Give your romance novels a jet-fuelled boost.

Even though editors and critique partners will take great pains pointing out what isn't quite working in your romance novel, these are usually symptoms of a deeper, underlying cause.

The truth is that the structure of your romantic conflict and the emotional intensity of your novel is often what is letting you down.  In other words: a tight, clean plot would turn your book around.

If you get the structure right, then you'll find your romance novel virtually writes itself.  No saggy middles, no writers' blocks.  You'll zoom along to "the end", and enjoy the journey.

Learn how to build a dynamic plot that powers you through your novel, in five lessons that include personal critiques, group lectures and brainstorming sessions on your story.  Once you have mastered the techniques presented in Plotting your Romance, you'll never again struggle to make your story jell.  

Sign up for Plotting your Romance today.  There is a limit on the class size, and places fill quickly -- so don't miss out!  This course has been scheduled only this one time for 2004.  Click here for more details about the class, and to sign up.

Tracy has been teaching creative writing for over five years at her local community college and on-line.  Her comprehensive 10 week Romance Writing course has helped many writers publish their first romance novel, and her weekend seminar How to Promote Your Novel sells out every time it runs.

Student comments:

“Tracy was or is the best instructor I have had in my career of writing or university attended courses!”

“This is the third course I have taken at GMCC, and this is the best instructor I have encountered, and I have never met anyone more organized, so the course could not be improved upon.”

“This course was just plain excellent and Tracy is an exceptional teacher.”


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