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This is not just a collection of links, although there's lots of links here.  This is also a sort collection of resources that I often use myself -- useful, worth exploring or just plain fun. If any links below fail, please e-mail me, and let me know. Thanks!


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General Writers' Sites

Julia Templeton
My co-writer for Forbidden, critique partner, friend.

Marilyn Lee
Love Bytes website: erotica vampire series, Bloodlust.

Cheyenne McCray
Romantica writer extraordinaire!

Liz Stewart
Descriptions of all her novels.

Treva Harte
Books, interviews, reviews and author links, some "insider thoughts"
on her stories, and upcoming events.

Patrice Michelle
Her novels, plus contemporary short stories as well as favorite links &

Kate Douglas
Book excerpts, photo site of Civil War re-enactment photos and update
page for an injured cyclist still in a coma.

Mary Winter
Books & excerpts. Includes Mary's Bookshelf, a place for reviews of books Mary has read and purchase used books.

Annie Windsor
Futuristic and fantasy romantica. Stories about women, for women.

Sexy shapeshifters, magic, and time travel - oh my! 
Visit Myra's world at:

Lacey Alexander
Ellora's Cave author.

Marjorie Jones
Fellow Medallion Press author. Marjorie has writer's tips.

Romance Sites

The Romance Writer's List Homepage is a good place to start. But as a long-term member of the e-mail discussion list, I'm possibly biased. :)

Romantic Times Magazine is an industry authority and trendsetter.

Nancy's Nook: The Heart of Romance


Ellora's Cave - Sensual Romance publishing at its finest.

Hard Shell Word Factory - one of the first major e-publishers, and my publisher, too.

Print publishers with an on-line site

Medallion Press -- a new genre publisher.

Turnstone Press - also one of my publishers!

Science Fiction Sites

For the bulkheads-and-rivets style writer, you can't go past The Science Fiction Novelist's site without a look-see.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is the professional body for SF writers. There's some good links there.

You must visit OMNI Magazine. The graphics alone are well worth the trip, but there's some very impressive writing there, too.

Inspiration and motivation

There's nothing as inspiring as reading good books, or great how-to books.  I have dozens of them, and I review them every now and again.  Check out my favourites, here.  There's also a whole slew of how-to articles on my site, here, that may help you out.

Victory Crane's site for writers, with its motivational articles, is excellent.

Ask About -- a ton of resources for writers of all abilities, everywhere.

Friends and Associations

This is a real grab bag of specialties:

Tracey McGrath, life skills analyst and motivator who is very good at what she does. I speak from experience.

Lori Foster, romance writer, and generous human being.

Marc Cukier, screenwriter, director, web consultant, and nice guy.

Diana Fox, an energetic writer, teacher, and list owner with a wonderful sense of humour and a laugh that is actually infectious even via e-mail.

Scrolls, a great site if you like inspirational saying and quotations. Do yourself a favour, too and check out their "Links" section. Extensive would be an understatement!

Books from the Heart, Great site from a great author!


The Alex collection -- entire downloadable texts of books now in the public domain. For readers of classics, this place is a goldmine.

Greenwoods' -- my local bookstore online.

News sites

News of my old home town, Perth, Western Australia.

Home site of one of my new home town's papers, The Edmonton Journal.

Search Engines

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