Completed Works


Eyes of a Stranger -- Contemporary Romance. Winner of the Emma Darcy Award. Electronic rights sold.
Diana by the Moon -- Historical Romance. Available. Finalist, Emma Darcy Award. [This book is part of the Jewels of the Morrow series].

Heart of Vengeance -- Historical Romance. Complete, under final revision. [This book is part of the Jewels of the Morrow series]
Dare to Return -- Contemporary Romance. Available.
Kissed by a Muse -- Contemporary Romance. Available.
A Dangerous Man -- Contemporary Romance. Under consideration.
A Family Affair -- Contemporary Romance. Available.
The d’Jordan Woman -- SF/Futuristic Romance. Available.
Chronicles of the Lost Years -- A Sherlock Holmes Adventure -- Adventure/mystery. Award winner, best pastiche. Sold.

Short Stories

"The Charlotte Rose", Romance, 4,700 words. Available.
"Risk, Courage & Cliché Roses", Romance, 3,000 words. Available.
"Cameo Role", Horror Erotica, 10,500 words. Electronic rights sold.
"The Club", Spicy Romance, 8,000 words. Electronic rights sold.
"Molly’s Revenge", Horror, 700 words. Available.
"Miranda’s Move", Horror, 1,000 words. Available.


"Making Magic", Writing, How-to, 2,000 words. Available.
"Cyberspace Storytellers", Writing/Internet, column, 600 words each Available.
"Historical Research ... Aarrgghh!!", Writing, How-to, 2,200 words Available.
"The Only Formula A Writer Needs", Writing, How-to, 700 words Available.
"...but the natives are friendly", Writing/Internet, how-to, 1,600 words Available.
"On Boxing Day Night", Autobiographical account, 2,000 words Available.
"The Case for Making A Twit of Yourself", Historical Costumes, How-to, 1,900 words Available.

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