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You can't steal love...or kill it. .

Thief in the Night.

Romantic Suspense.

(Romantica) -- ultra sensual.
This book contains explicit and graphic sex.
Published by Ellora's Cave.

Reviews. Outline. Excerpt
Casting the movie. 
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I’ve rarely read a short story with as many unexpected and startling twists and turns as this one. I give the author high marks for plotting! The story certainly kept me entertained. The sensuality is quite high, and the characters will awaken the reader’s interest and empathy as well.

Annie Kudzu for eCataRomance Reviews

4 Stars.

Thief in the Night is a wonderful quick story.  I read this book in one sitting and would have even if it had been 200 pages instead of 40.  I fell for both the main characters from the beginning and was pleasantly surprised by the ending.  The author did a spectacular job of not giving away the mystery before its time, while making the reader feel like you had all the information needed.  Thief in the Night  will make you smile and I highly recommend it.

Tara for Two Lips Reviews

4 Stars.

Thief of the Night is a lovely tale about learning how to trust again and believing in what the heart says.

Katie for Euro-Reviews

3.5 stars.

Thief in the Night is a quick, fun romp of lost and found love.  With twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, Thief in the Night kept me turning the pages, eager to see what would happen next.  What a fun read!  I’ll be sure to watch for more from this author. 

Jolie for Romance Junkies

3.5 stars.

Professional thieves are always fun to read about and this story fulfilled that promise.  Delly...was a great action heroine. The twist towards the end was brilliant. The plotting was well-done and the story fast-paced and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Sakura for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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This will be the last night in the life of Delly Alexander.  

     A talented cat thief, Delly cracks one safe too many.  The safe belongs to an old enemy, Neal Cadogan, who catches her red-handed, and ties her up while he decides what to do with her.

      Neal and Delly were once lovers but the rift that separated them is filled with bitterness. Now, with Delly literally at his mercy, Neal takes his revenge – which swiftly reverts to a night of heated sexual need seasoned by years of lies. It is a sensual power-play with each determined to outsmart the other.  And both of them are quick to use sex as a weapon.  But their warped passion is the key that finally unlocks the door on a decade-old conspiracy that will utterly change their lives.

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“Why were you knocking off my house?” Neal demanded, his fist around the knife.

“You’ve got better than five hundred grand in diamonds and currency in your safe,” Delly said.

He stepped closer. “Why me?”

She managed a shrug. “You’re rich.”

 “Knowing it was my house didn’t stop you? Didn’t even make you pause?”

She clenched her teeth again. Then, when the compulsion to spit the truth at him had faded, she said carefully, “We knew each other once, ten years ago. There’s nothing from that time that would give me reason to reconsider.”

“You’ve got a lot better at that, too,” he said. “Lying.”

“I’ve become very good at a lot of things you thought I was useless at.”

The hand without the knife grabbed the back of her head and held it still as his lips pressed against hers. It was less a kiss than a physical assault. She could almost feel his anger radiating from him as waves of body heat. His lips seared themselves against hers.

She tasted him. He was sweet and hard and combined with his scent, which drifted around her, heady.

Her response was unplanned, uncalled for. She couldn’t possibly feel any sort of physical need or response for this man she had spent the last decade hating with a passion that verged on mania. But just as he pulled his lips from hers and pushed away like a man staggering from an unexpected blow, she felt her own insides roll over, making her almost dizzy.

Neal brought the back of his hand up against his lips, staring at her. His hand trembled. “I couldn’t think of anything else to do that would get me past the overwhelming need to hit you.” His voice was low.

“That supposed to frighten me?” Her own voice emerged ragged and deeper than usual. Damn. He’d read far too much into that. And what the hell was going on with her? How could she allow herself to react to him in any way at all?

Don’t forget who this man really is, Delly. He led you into slavery.

He was studying her again. Had her low voice tipped him off? Her heart started to beat even harder. She could feel it in her toes, her cheeks. Her temples.

“It was a warning, damn it,” he said, his voice lower still. He was controlling it. And his eyes would not quit studying her, assessing…

Kiss me again. The silent voice inside her was soft, but as clear as mountain bells.

She dropped her chin, hiding her telling face from his gaze. If he knew when she was lying, then how much more could he read in her face? Could he read her sudden yearning for more? Would he have recognized that her helplessness—held immobile by the cuffs, her legs pushed up against the satin on the bed—had suddenly become an enhancement to her excitement?

She was confused by her own reactions. These were not the sort of games she had ever played even in her fantasies, but right now, the idea of Neal taking her while she was helplessly bound to the bed…

Her heart skittered.

It’s just the danger of the moment, she told herself.

“Delly.” His voice was demanding. “Look at me.”

She kept her head down, until his strong fingers pushed under her chin and forced her look up. He was close. So close. She could feel his heat through the thin cotton spandex of her clothes. Every nerve seemed to jump inside her, twirl and come alive in the space of a heartbeat.

“What is this?” he asked.

She licked her lips. “Payback.” She forced the word out. It emerged harsh, tearing at her throat.

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Casting the Movie...

I often get asked who I would cast in the movie of my book, if it should ever come to pass, so just for fun:

Movie producer's pitch:

You can't steal love...or kill it.

Casting call:

Delly.  Famke Janssen

Neal.  Jason Isaacs

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