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This was a wonderful book that I was loath to put down until I finished the final page. Ms Cooper-Posey has penned an amazing suspense read that offered so many twists and turns and wonderful characters that I was totally drawn into her world.

Two strangers meet under the most challenging circumstance. Jack Laubreaux and Sophie Kingston are the only survivors of a plane crash. Sophie has suffered a severely broken leg and Jack has suffered a severe head injury as a result of the crash. Together they hunker down and wait for rescue, with Jack realizing two very important things. One, he feels responsible for the crash that left five other people dead, and two, he doubts that the rescue will take place very soon. He will do all that he can to protect Sophie before he succumbs to his injury. Along the way these two very different people grow close on that mountain ledge and when they are finally rescued and taken to the hospital Sophie is told that Jack has died as a result of his injuries. She is left bereft and carries on with life, even marrying someone that reminds her of Jack, but it doesnít last. She gets on with life and when she spots a stranger walking along the road she immediately thinks of Jack. The man that saved her life and touched her heart eight years earlier that she had not been able to say goodbye to.

Jack has been on the road trying to stay one step ahead of the person that wants him dead, and at the same time find a life worth living. Itís only a coincidence that leads him to Serenity Falls, that and the fact that he is drawn to the mountains every winter. He canít believe his eyes when he sees Sophie for the first time since he lost consciences on the mountain. Now all of the feelings he thought he had buried rise to the top and although he knows he should leave he canít and instead allows himself to draw close to her again. This time he wants the happy ending but will he be able to have it before the ďSilent KnightĒ catches up with him?

The chemistry between Sophie and Jack is wonderful. I love how Ms Cooper-Posey manages to build the respect and attraction between these two very strong people. Their first kiss is so worth the wait and in my opinion is one of the most romantic kisses that Iíve read. The suspense of this story is top drawer, and the reader will truly be kept guessing who the bad 
guy is and how this person relates to Jack. This was truly a high-octane read and when combined with the romantic storyline that Ms Cooper-Posey has created this is a read that will leave the read completely satisfied. I highly recommend Ms Cooper-Posey.

Kristi Ahlers


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