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Buying Tracy's Books

It doesnít matter where you are in a world, you can buy Tracy's books.

Nearly all Tracy's titles come in two formats:  paperback and electronic.   Electronic books can be bought instantly in most cases, and you can be reading them in a matter of minutes.

It may surprise you to know that even the biggest Barnes & Noble store out there holds only a tiny fraction of the number of books that are published and available to buy.  There are more books out there that you will never see on the bookshelves. Books are no longer sold just in book stores, or even supermarkets.  Some of the best stories are available via one of the new super-convenient alternative methods that means anyone in the world can get a copy.

That doesnít mean you and your favourite bookstore are about to part ways.  Your bookseller can get involved too.  For many people, asking your bookseller to do all the ordering takes all the confusion, frustration and mystery out of the process.

For every book Tracy has available, you can click on the "buy it" link, to go to the most popular choice of format for each (usually paperback).  The links will usually take you to the publisher's page, where you can often buy the book cheaper than you would elsewhere.

Black Heart
Dangerous Beauty
Dare to Return
Diana by the Moon
Eyes of a Stranger
Heart of Vengeance
Luciferís Lover
Red Leopard
Reluctant Agent
Silent Knight
Solstice Surrender
Thief in the Night

If you have any problems ordering books or getting them in your preferred format, send an email, and we'll try to direct you to a bookseller that can sell that format to you.


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