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Jewels of the Morrow (Historical Romance Series)

A Seat By the Fire (Long Contemporary Romance)

A Seat by the Fire

(Working Title)

Lindsay is obsessed with achievement, determined to outshine the memory of her mother's lustrious career. Despite an alarming lack of people skills, she has managed to make it to the head of the marketing and public relations department of the exclusive Freeman Hotel, high up in the rarified mountain air of north west Washington. She might have got further faster, if it were not for her closest rival -- the charming newcomer, Lucifer.

Luke spends most of his time talking about his wonderful New York, and a bewildering parade of eccentric relatives -- when he's not watching the clock and waiting for 5.00pm to shoot out the door, that is. Yet he's still one of the best marketing men Lindsay has ever seen. No one knows much about him except he could turn a murder into a side-splitting comedy routine. He also has an eye for women, including an inexplicable attraction for the prickly, definitely not-interested Lindsay.

Their rivalry erupts into a competition to win a highly elusive account. The stakes are high. If Lindsay wins, Luke leaves town, and if Luke wins, he gets a date with Lindsay....

Anticipated Length 85,000 words
Genre Contemporary Romance

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