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New York!  Ah, what a fabulous town!

Thanks to every friendly person I met, and all the new friends I made.  The convention was a blast, and Mark took a few photos:

This was the first panel for Ann Peach's Beginners Seminar -- The Conflict panel. I'm in the middle, and was honoured to be sitting next to Roberta Gellis (on my left) -- who was reading MY notes! 





This was my second formal panel -- at 9pm, and the last panel of the night.  Actually, technically, it was my third panel, because 30 minutes after I arrived at the hotel, Kathryn Falk tapped me on the arm and asked me to talk to her Advanced Beginners class.

The lady on my right was Elise Dee Beraru.  





On the second day of the conference, we carved out an hour from the schedule to walk five blocks north along Fifth Avenue to visit a personal mecca: the New York Public Library.  Silly me thought I'd be able to pat those cute lions, but I didn't realize how big the creature are!  

Oh well, I got to touch the plinth....

And walked the stacks, too.  <sigh>










The Book Fair on Saturday was a wild success.  This photo was taken 30 minutes before the doors opened to the public, and there were already 300 people lined up waiting to come in.

The lady with me is Pam Ficarella, my editor at Medallion Press.  She was kept hopping filling the baskets of chocolates we gave away to readers.





This is another reason Pam was so busy -- there were three Medallion authors at the book fair, and Beth Ciotta was just across the aisle from me. 









Jewell Mason was the third Medallion author at the book fair. She sold out in record time.









Bill Freda, the cover model on the cover of Heart of Vengeance, was a great help at the book fair.  He turned up in his chain mail, sword at his side.  That chain mail is the real thing and incredibly heavy. The gauntlets alone weighed about 10 pounds each.

This photo was taken at the Chocolate Extravaganza reception that took place straight after the book fair.  And only at a Romantic Times convention could you get in one photo a woman in a late Victorian ball gown and a man in 14th Century chain mail!




There were five Medallion authors at the convention, and we all posed for a single photo at the Booksellers reception. From left to right: Rick Taubold, Beth Ciotta, me, Jewell Mason and Heather Graham.





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