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Kathryn Falk, publisher of the Romantic Times magazine, also has a busy newsletter that goes out to past and future participants in the annual Romantic Times Conventions.  The convention is a blast -- I've gone a couple of years, and I'll be there for New York, March 2004.  

Kathryn Falk quoted an email I had sent, and added her own note:


Tracy Cooper-Posey of Canada writes:
I'll be at the Book Fair too! Titles that will be out by then in
paperback and ebook:

From Ellora's Cave - Red Leopard, Solstice
Surrender, Forbidden
From Hard shell Word Factory - Diana by the Moon, Dare to Return,
Eyes of a Stranger
From Turnstone Press - Chronicles of the Lost Years, A Sherlock
Holmes Mystery (trade paperback) The Case of the Reluctant Agent, A
Sherlock Holmes Mystery (trade paperback)

Cheers, Tracy
Tracy -- you and your web site are a delight. I turned right to "all
about me
," and was amazed by your life story. You as a single mom
meeting Mr. Right through the internet and moving from Australia to
be with him in Canada with only love to guide you (and the sale of
600 books) is quite a romantic Real Story. And, you're a winner of an
Emma Darcy award -- now that's special "down under" and here. I adore
Emma who came to our Nashville Convention a few years ago and I knew
her late husband, Frank, her longtime co-writer.

You're as enterprising as any real life heroine! We all look forward
to showing you around the big Apple. ~Kathryn

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