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And we’re giving presents away!

 January 3, 2000: Sherlock Holmes is alive and well and given new millennium freshness through the efforts of authors such as Edmonton resident, Tracy Cooper-Posey.  Ms. Cooper-Posey’s book, Chronicles of the Lost Years: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, casts light on a dark corner of the Sherlockian canon: the Great Hiatus (a three-year period when Holmes was missing, presumed dead).

In honour of the consulting detective’s vigorous emergence into the new century, we are marking his birthday, January 6, by offering your listeners/readers a chance to win a signed copy of Cooper-Posey’s award-winning novel.  You can arrange the contest/drawing in whatever way you wish.  The author is available for interviews or drawings, and happy to speak about her novel, and one of the most enduring characters in popular fiction.

Alternatively, we can supply you with a complimentary review copy of the novel for you to assess and share with your audience.

 Chronicles of the Lost Years is published by Raven Stone, the literary genre imprint of Turnstone Press.

What Margaret Cannon had to say about the book:

“Christmas would hardly be itself without a good pastiche for Sherlockians.  This one, yet another account of the Great Hiatus when Holmes hid out from the infamous Moriarty (and while Conan Doyle hid out from Holmes), is better than most.  Cooper-Posey attempts to account for the change in Watson/Conan Doyle’s writing style once Holmes returns, and does a mighty good job.  She also inserts a terrific woman into Holmes’ life, Elizabeth Sigerson, who matches Holmes deduction for deduction.” – The Globe and Mail

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