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Why Use a Freelance Copywriter?

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Let me help smooth out the bumps in your workload and make your life easier with communications tools that enhance your image and improve your profit line. I can provide a complete range of corporate communications services, both marketing and publicity oriented, and tailored to your company's unique needs.  

Take advantage of over thirteen years professional writing experience, national awards and critical recognition, nearly half a decade of production coordination for one of Canada's weekly newsmagazines, and the world's largest printing company; and editing, and managing editorship for two of Edmonton's largest regional magazines; also five years of marketing, website marketing and development, and five years of teaching and instruction for adults, plus years of public speaking.

Email me to arrange your free initial consultation.

Why use a freelance copywriter?

You pay by the project or the hour -- no employee overheads.

Freelancers provide expertise you may not have within your company

Fast turnaround on projects. Freelancers aren't bogged down by day-to-day concerns of running your business.

Freelancers deal with companies of all sizes and bring that experience to each project.

Freelancers bring a fresh eye and mind to your communications needs, and can offer unexpected solutions.

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Services Provided.

A selected listing of products includes:



Company newsletters

Employee newsletters

Association newsletters

Customer newsletters



Product information

Instructional brochures

Press releases

Special events

Unique achievements

Ground-breaking news

Website content

On-line catalogues

Company information

Product information


On-line purchasing



Features for in-house publications.

Annual report summaries

Trade press articles for executives

Direct Mail packages


Reply cards


Technical writing

In-house instruction manuals

User manuals.

Help authoring (on-line and printed help guides)

Training manuals

Meeting & presentation documentation

Event scripting

For seminars, conferences, annual general meetings and more

Training program documentation


Letters to debtors

Letters to editors


Seminars, speeches, training programs

Speech writing



And more...

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These links lead you to an ever growing, select list of samples of successfully completed client projects.  There are many more actual tear sheets and samples in my physical portfolio.  Call or email me, for a no-obligation, free consultation.



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