A man of mysterious powers....
....a woman who fights her destiny.
On mid-winter's eve she must decide.
Solstice Surrender

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

(Romantica) -- ultra sensual
This book contains explicit and graphic sex.
Published by Ellora's Cave.
Part of the WINTER WARRIORS anthology.

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"I just finished the book. Heavy sigh! You write so well--excellent description so that I can see the settings, great action sequences and great lovemaking scenes, too! Thank you for this. I really enjoyed it.

I appreciated the Canadian setting. Banff is such a romantic setting and the way you described it, I could put myself right there. I love exploring that beautiful old hotel. You are one of those so skilled writers who the reader knows has done days and days of research and back story so the book LIVES. Your descriptions are so well written, as are the action sequences, which are so hard to write well. And your love scenes are graphic enough to steam, but at the same time the connection forming between the two characters is so compelling. They give me that lovely little lurch somewhere in my heart!"

-- Bonnie, a reader.

Five Stars!

"Solstice Surrender" was an excellent book. This is the must read story of the year. Her characters are fun loving and realistic. The way this author uses her words to draw you into her story is like a work of art. I really enjoyed my time in Ms. Cooper-Posey's world; I will be coming back soon.

Jill for Fallen Angels Reviews

Five Stars!

In "Solstice Surrender" Tracy Cooper-Posey brings the paranormal element into this excellent anthology. As erotically charged as the first story, this novella is also a bit more on the emotional side. I admit that I developed a soft spot for Rhys, the hero, who has spent quite some time waiting for his mate. Fast paced and filled with love scenes of the “OMG” sort, this one will certainly appeal to paranormal romance lovers.

Mireya Orsini for Just Erotica Romance Review

Five Stars!

I really liked this story. The paranormal aspects makes it really interesting and fun to read. It kept me wondering what would be revealed next. Rhys is sensitive and sensual all rolled into one amazing package. Jenna is confused but willing to search for the truth with a strong will. This story is hotter that hot. The love scenes scorch the pages. This story is a must read for anyone who loves paranormal reads.

Angela Brewer for The Romance Studio

Solstice Surrender begins with a scene that we all wish would happen to the bullies of the world. I found Solstice Surrender to be a non-stop action- packed adventure. Rhys' love for Jenna is apparent in every move he makes. Imagine waiting for time on end for the love of your life. Ms. Cooper-Posey has written an engaging entry in this anthology.

The Best Reviews

4 stars

Each story in the Winter Warriors anthology has one thing in common: the main characters kick butt. A common thread runs through all the stories: helping those in need. All together, this is one anthology that will not only stimulate the mind, but also bring a smile to the reader through the character’s adventures and ultimate successes. Awesome read from three authors who joined forces and created cool, kick butt stories.

Melinda for Sizzling Romances

4 stars

Solstice Surrender is an interesting read with suspense, paranormal, and hot sexual scenes. Rhys is a sensitive man who will do anything to protect Jenna. Jenna is strong- willed woman going through a rough time, yet is still willing to listen to Rhys. This is a great read for paranormal fans.

Overall this is a great anthology that has a little of everything. Don't pass up adding this to your collection.

Pat McGrew for Sensual Romance Reviews

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Jenna MacDonald, cynic extraordinaire, flees to Banff, Canada, for the holiday season to lick her wounds in private after an assignment takes a tragic turn. But trouble manages to find her even in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

A mystery-clad stranger called Rhys Cellyn exerts a powerful influence over her mind and her body, while Jenna struggles to stay afloat in the mythical world he plunges her into. Time is against her, for at the moment of the winter solstice she must make a fateful choice.

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Author's note:

This story was both a pain and a pleasure to write. It was enormous fun because I got to play around with a new fantasy theme that I have been mulling over for a while now, and got to write in a new sub-genre. Plus, I created a hero that even I would like to know more about. One day, perhaps....

The pain came from having to restrict myself to such a short length. Yes, it's book-length, my preferred format, but as it's included in an anthology, I really had to keep it short. Keeping a story short is not my best talent! Therefore, the original story had twenty years of back story for the characters, and quite a few thousand words of extra story and subplot to it before I realized what I was doing wrong, and painfully, bloodily chopped all but the essential story line out of the manuscript.

But I kept the remains!

-- Tracy.

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Casting the Movie...

I often get asked who I would cast in the movie of my book, if it should ever come to pass, so just for fun:

Movie producer's pitch:
Highlander (the series) meets the X-men’s Phoenix.

Casting call:

Jenna: Famke Janssen

Rhys: Adrian Paul.

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Solstice Surrender

This is the must read story of the year. The way this author uses her words to draw you into her story is like a work of art.

Jill for Fallen Angels Reviews


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