For Sophie, life is about to change again ...for the worse.
Silent Knight

Romantic Suspense

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5 stars!

What follows is an amazing story of strength, love and corruption. Ms. Cooper Posey is an amazing storyteller who reaches out and grabs you with her poignant scenes and characters. This was one of the best stories I have ever read. You really feel the pain that these people feel and hurt for them. She also makes you want them to win, to find that elusive happily-ever-after. The suspense is beautifully dragged out until the very end and is always lurking in the background. The feelings that this story evokes are why I gave this book a Recommended Read rating. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Reviewed by: Serena for Fallen Angels Reviews

5 stars!

A very fast paced, interesting, moving story--one that is so full of suspense that the pages kept clicking away at a pace so fast that I was finished with the book before I knew it. Ms. Cooper-Posey has created a set of memorable, sympathetic characters put in a rough situation that has you biting your nails as they try to figure out how they'll come out of it alive. Very well done. I look forward to seeing more of fiction like this from Tracy Cooper-Posey. This is an author to watch, and one to read.

Lisa Ramaglia, Scribesworld reviews

5 stars!

“Truly a high-octane read, and when combined with the romantic storyline that Ms Cooper-Posey has created, this is a book that will leave the reader completely satisfied.”

Kristi Ahlers, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

5 stars!

Jack and Sophie have a chemistry that glows throughout this enthralling yet suspenseful story that is wrapped in romance. There are two antagonists in this story. One you will watch be disgraced and the other will leave you guessing until the end. Ms. Cooper-Posey is talented writer that has created an unforgettable book with its twist and turns that will grab you from page one and will not let go until the last page. Silent Knight will not disappoint readers and I personally cannot wait to read it again.

Cassandra Buckles, Coffee Time Romance

4.5 stars

"SILENT KNIGHT is a suspense-filled book as we slowly learn the truth of just what Jack is running from. Tracy Cooper-Posey has done a wonderful job of keeping me in suspense trying to figure out just who the SILENT KNIGHT could be. I found myself pulled into this story from the very first page and loved the ending! This is one you want to wait to read until you have enough time to finish the story in one sitting, as I hated putting the book down. If you’re in the mood for a good romantic suspense, you definitely want to read SILENT KNIGHT!

Chere for The Romance Studio

“As dramatic, exhilarating and enjoyable a story as you’ll ever find. Absolutely outstanding!”

Sara Williams Author, The Don Juan Con

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They would do anything to get him.

He would do whatever it took to bring them down.

It was the wrong time to fall in love.

Sophie Kingston gets on a commercial turbo-prop with a case filled with legal briefs and ambitions of climbing the corporate ladder at the firm where she’s employed. On her own from a young age, with no one she could depend on, Sophie got where she was by her own hard work, never asking anyone for anything. Then her plane fell out of the sky.

Trapped in a mountain wilderness, injured and unable to walk, she is forced to depend on a stranger’s help for everything in order to survive, whereupon she discovers Jack, with his understanding brown eyes and his unexpected insights, a special kind of man—a man she could trust with her life. And, maybe, even her heart.

As Jack Laubreaux looks over the snapped-off wings and other debris scattered over the mountainside, he knows if he hadn’t been on the plane it wouldn’t have crashed. And seven people wouldn’t have died. With that fact weighing heavily on his conscience, his chance at redemption is found in keeping his promise to Sophie—the only other survivor—to get her safely out of the mountains alive. But it won’t be easy. Sophie is badly hurt, and it will take all of his ingenuity to find a way to get down to her. And it will take all of his patience to get past her fierce independence and win her trust.

However, the hardest thing of all is meeting Sophie’s green gaze and not falling in love with her—and not making her a target, too. Jack is a marked man. His testimony, if he lives to give it, will put a powerful crime boss in prison. And the mobster’s mole, “Silent Knight”—someone highly placed in law enforcement, maybe even the FBI—will be watching, waiting and ready to use anyone and anything to find Jack and take him out.

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Author's note:

I'm so thrilled that Silent Knight finally made it into print. Although all my books are dear to me, some are more valued than others, and Silent Knight is pretty close to the top of my favourites list. (That is, favourite books that I have written. I wouldn't be game enough to rank my books along with my all-time best authors -- my ego couldn't withstand the crush!).

The version that makes it into print is the third incarnation of the story. It began life some years ago as a simple story about a crash...but it didn't go anywhere. Then I had one of my infamous and sleep-depriving 3 a.m. revelations; the rest of the story wrote itself in outline, in about four hours of frantic scribbling by torchlight. But in that second version, the crash was reduced to a prologue.

I put the story aside -- romantic suspense novels just weren't selling back in those days. And a few years later I read through the chapters I had. The story had a definite pull, and I found myself mentally tinkering with it. So I rolled up my sleeves and decided to finish it properly.

Those few years wait were worth it. My writing abilities had been polished and my grasp of story technique so much stronger. I could instantly see the problems with the story as it stood. I dumped the sketchy prologue in favour of writing the whole seven days on the cliff in full. The relationship built there resonates throughout the story, it sets up all the complications and conflict that is to come, and it drives all Sophie's actions in the future... it needed to be seen by the reader.

When I had finished the tale for this third time, I was pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy it, too.

-- Tracy.

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Casting the Movie...

I often get asked who I would cast in the movie of my book, if it should ever come to pass, so just for fun:

Movie producer's pitch:
Running on Empty joins forces with North by Northwest

Casting call:

Sophie: Julia Roberts.

Jack: Hugh Jackman

Peter: Alec Baldwin.

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Silent Knight

"As dramatic, exhilarating and enjoyable a story as you'll ever find. Absolutely outstanding!

Sara Williams, Author of The Don Juan Con

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