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How to print The Reader's Roadmap

If you download the print version of the road map and open it (it's a PDF), you'll find that the pages are all over the place.  

Here's the quick way to get a neat little booklet out of it:

  1. Print the PDF file to any printer.
  2. Don't get the printed pages out of order!  
  3. You may have to reverse the order if the "front page" of the booklet is the last sheet in the pile.
  4. Take the pages to any photocopier that can do double-sided printing, and run them through, copying on both sides of the page.
  5. Still keeping them in order, fold the pack in half.
  6. You'll end up with a four-sheet, 16 page booklet, and now the pages will all be in order.
  7. You can staple or bind as you feel necessary or appropriate, but the quickest and easiest way is to get a big, narrow rubber band and slip it around the fold. Keeps everything in order with littlest fuss.



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