Facing the heart of the enemy...
Black Heart

Contemporary Romantic Suspense
-- ultra sensual.
This book contains explicit and graphic sex.
Published by Ellora's Cave.
Sequel to Red Leopard

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5 Stars!

I loved this book. The plot was intricate, intense, fast paced, well thought out and wonderfully written. The characters were believable, likable, and intensely loyal to each other and their country. The chemical reaction between characters was explosive with hot sexual scenes that left me sweating. I was hooked from the first chapter and read well into the night. This was not just a love story, but the story of political intrigue, true love verses duty, passion, honor, great dangers and intensely loyal people. I would not only highly recommend this book, but will anxiously be awaiting this author’s new work. You can’t go wrong with this book.

Tara for Euro-Reviews

4 Stars.

"At one point in the book, I choked up and my heart was breaking for Duardo and Minnie. This story is riveting with all the excellent intrigue and suspense it offers. This author will keep you guessing throughout this story with a fantastic plot twist. You will definitely want this book."

Candy Cay for Coffee Time Romance

4 Stars.

(She) has created a war torn and grief-stricken setting that helps to lay out the struggles Minnie faces as she tries to find Duardo. This is a love story, but more importantly, it is the story of Minnie’s quest for someone who completes her. Black Heart is truly an adventure of the mind. Minnie and Duardo are two characters who won’t soon be forgotten.

Sarah for Fallen Angels Reviews

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Black Heart is the sequel to Red Leopard.

Vistaria is now controlled by the insurrectos. Their leader, Serrano, holds his power with the help of his shadowy security officer, Colonel Bruno Zalaya. Zalaya is a cool-headed man of secrets and strong sexual appetites in which he fully indulges.

Minerva Benning (Minnie) is the only one who believes her beloved army captain, Duardo, is still alive, and no-one will help her return to Vistaria to find him. Nicolás Escobedo, the bastard half brother of Vistaria’s recently assassinated president, is too busy trying to win back his country. Calli, Minnie’s cousin and Nick’s lover, is too busy learning to be the partner of a national leader.

Desperate and out of time, Minnie steals her way into Vistaria to find Duardo. But Zalaya finds her, instead.

Chained to his bed as Zalaya’s latest toy, Minnie watches Zalaya’s control over Serrano begin to crumble. As the danger surrounding both of them grows, Zalaya’s manipulations and Minnie’s quest to find Duardo are set to collide...and the fallout will be fatal.

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Author's note:

This is the second sequel I've written by reader demand. This one, just like the other, I've been more than happy to write; Red Leopard is still one of my firm favourites, and any excuse to return to Vistaria was just fine by me.

I was also faced with a huge logistic problem: how to write Minnie's story, when the love of her life, Duardo, had been killed at the end of the last book. It took a great deal of thought to come up with a way to write her story and still honour the depth of her love for the fine Vistarian soldier she had lost.

It has taken far longer to get to write this book than I had ever anticipated. Many other projects and contractual obligations have got in the way. But at last I squeezed out the necessary months needed to dedicate myself.

-- Tracy.

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Casting the Movie...
I often get asked who I would cast in the movie of my book, if it should ever come to pass, so just for fun:

Casting call:

Duardo: Billy Zane.

Minnie: Winona Ryder.

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Lucifer's Lover

"Devilishly entertaining! Wickedly wonderful! Almost too hot to pick up, but too good to put down."

Victoria Dark, Author of Dangerous to Love

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"As dramatic, exhilarating and enjoyable a story as you'll ever find. Absolutely outstanding!

Sara Williams, Author of The Don Juan Con

Black Heart


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The eagerly awaited sequel to Red Leopard. "I was hooked from the first chapter and read well into the night."

Tara for Euro-Reviews

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I cannot say enough wonderful things about this story. It is, bar none, the best story Ellora's Cave has to offer.

Danica Favorite-McDonald, In the Library Reviews

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