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Shannon; thanks for taking the time out to talk to me about your cover model career.  Your first modeling venture was for the Mr. Romance competition in Houston, I believe.  How did that first event go?  Was it what you were expecting? 

 The first year I was involved in the Romance Competition, I really didn't know what to expect.  I had never been involved in such a large production.  I was intrigued by everything that went on "behind the scenes".  Everyone worked together getting ready for each segment, practicing lines, blocking, poses, dance sequences, etc.  It was great!  Everyone bonded and formed friendships that have lasted year after year.  I have met some of the best people at the conventions and I can't wait to see them each year.

You can do your own electrical wiring, you like computers and studying’re clearly very smart.  Do you find that people have expectations about cover models, and you, and treat you differently?  If they have, does it bother you?  How do you deal with it?

Thank you for the compliment!  I don't really know if those things would qualify me as being smart, I definitely had to do my homework to learn about them!  I was interested, so I felt I needed to study why they worked in the manner that they do.

I don't think I have been treated differently because I am a cover model.  Most people that I meet think it's great that I have the opportunity to be involved in the industry.  They are usually very interested and ask lots of questions.  I am just happy to be a part of something so special!

I like to think that people would not immediately "put me in a box" just because I model.  I want them to get to know me, Shannon, as a person and draw their conclusions from that, not just what they see in pictures.

 What’s the positive side of being a model?

 I have met some wonderful friends and been to some places that I may have never had the opportunity to go.  I will cherish the experiences that I've shared with everyone for the rest of my life.  I've learned how to work within a production and have gotten more comfortable with being onstage.  My first year I was shaking so badly I can't believe I didn't fall off!  Now if I could just get over my fear of speaking in front of an audience....... 

You recently did a cover shoot with Bill Freda for the cover of my upcoming novel, HEART OF VENGEANCE.  How did the shoot go? 

Well, since it is my first cover, I was very nervous.  I was relieved when I found out that I would know just about everyone at the shoot.  After I got there and put on my costume it just came naturally.  I guess I'm more comfortable when I'm "in character".       

  Bill and I acted out certain scenes from the book and I think the pictures will represent them well.  It was fun going to the places where we shot the pictures and I'm very anxious to see how they work in the final cover.

When authors prepare notes and questionnaires for cover shoots, what sort of information makes your job easier?  What helps you best prepare for the shoot?    

I'm not very experienced with notes and questionnaires but this shoot was well thought out.  The scenes were already chosen and we were given instructions on what the finished photos should portray.  I think this cover will be unique because of the way each scene was acted out, which makes it very different than most others.   

Tell me about the near future.  What’s on your horizon?   Will you be at the Romantic Times convention in New York in March? And what covers will you be doing?

As for my future, I hope that I can continue working with RT at the conventions and with Medallion Press here in Florida for a very long time!  They have both given me the opportunity to have fun doing something that I love.   I'd like to thank them for the great experiences they've given me.  I'd also like to thank all my friends from RT who have encouraged me to pursue being a cover model and to you, Tracy, for writing a book that will finally make my dream come true!    


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